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5 Sign Design & Layout Tips

1.Define your sign location.  Then you can properly size the sign to fit the space available…Choose sign material and colors that will coordinate with the surroundings and yet stand out to gain attention…Project the image you want to present.

2.Choose the Sign Type. Look through our Product Gallery and get a general idea of the sign you want.  For example, you can get dimensional letters ranging from halo-lit brushed metal letters to custom colored acrylic-faced letters, to carved wood letters.  The type of sign you choose can say almost as much to the viewer as what the words in the sign.  That doesn’t mean the choice has to be expensive but it does demand high-quality craftsmanship that will reflect well on you.

3.Decide on the size of the sign and its components.
a.Readability - check out this Visibility Chart put together by provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council (USSC). c1998.

b.Local codes and Guidelines – most cities now have codes that control the size and often the types of sign that can be installed outside.  We will work with your local city to secure all necessary approvals and permits needed.  Interior signs are not covered by code.

c.Who is the intended audience? Freeway drivers or foot traffic? This will affect the design.  The goal is to find the size that is needed to get attention.

4.Utilize the correct materials. Longevity is an important issue.  If the sign is intended to have a long life it needs the right materials.  Our experience has given us an understanding of materials and their performance in varying weather conditions. The materials used affect the sign’s design and looks as much as the colors.  Green/sustainable/recyclable materials should be used whenever possible. Consult with our design staff to explore the options.

5.Pick your colors.

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